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After a long career as artistic director of BALMAIN, CHRISTIAN DIOR and LANVIN as well as the creation of his own fashion label, after the production of several short and feature films, after the musical composition for his fashion shows as well as the theatre and cinema, Dominique MORLOTTI presents for the first time his new art-concepts with photographs and an experimental film at the Gallery Popy Arvani.

A sophisticated creation rich with aesthetics, sensuality and sobriety, modern icons of society, giddiness conveyed through the repitition of procession and sound. The matter: the transparency of the veil, the blur and the netting of shade and light; still images become obsession, the steps of new experimental and plastic research.
Dominique MORLOTTI is fascinated by the beauty of the woman in movement, by a longiligne female pace or the standardized mannequin. Sublimating gracefully balanced movement on high heels and highlighting it with focus to enlarge the legs in step with hyper-tight framing. Fragments of fetish which express desire by the symbolic connotation
represented by ankle, heel and foot.

An impassioned scenario, it delivers images with virtuosity on an aesthetic as well as formal level. MORLOTTI juxtaposes fragments of the iconic step portrayed by the single foot with those of the foot which follows or aligns with the other in synchronized rhythm. Hence, a breakdown of movement into a series of idles. The rhythm carries us and involves us to define continuity of movement and to develop the totality of the image in time and space.

Brilliant contrast of color reflects the light which in turn accentuates movement and plays with the mobility of shades and prolongs the work in time and space.
The setting of the image in abyss favors reflections off glazed paper and fosters shared giddiness and emotion.
This step is accompanied by the production of an experimental film, an autobiographical account inspired by Gradiva of JENSEN as studied by FREUD and the film Last Year at Marienbad by Alain RESNAIS. In all cases, the suppressed desire of love-found is always related to the desire for the past.

Vertiginous labyrinth, despair, melancholy, drama, mystery, romanticism, distress, hesitation, immobility of time, nostalgia of the past, and finally, hope are conjugated with the repetitious tolling of words and music to result in this symbolic, formal research.
GRADIVA, that which goes ahead is that which thinks. Incarnation of the found zôê expresses LIFE and RESURRECTION.


Dominique MORLOTTI
Photographies & film experimental

Du 1 juin au 10 juillet 2006
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